Slice CM3 cooling mods


Just installed my heatsink, and very impressed, running texturecache while playing movie would normally cause temp icon to appear on screen, now temps are staying at round 40

Let me know your experience once you guys get them


Mine has arrived today.
Just need to find the instructions on how to load the CM3. :grinning:


Great,glad to hear you got it :slight_smile:

I have found the best way to load it up if to follow the following

  1. Download and install RPI Boot
  2. Connect Slice using the micro USB, make sure no power connected
  3. connect power to Slice, it will the detect new hardware
  4. run rpiboot
  5. it will now mount the emmc as a drive in windows
  6. download the LibreELEC installer from
  7. Chose Slice 3, click download, once downloaded select the new drive that is detected and click write
  8. Safely eject usb from windows
  9. remove power and usb from Slice
  10. connect back to tv and power
  11. should now boot to LibreELEC 8 :slight_smile:

Think this should be correct process


My heatsink arrived this morning.

I have fitted it into my Slice and it is working great.

I have been using the command in the first post of this thread to run all 4 cpu threads at 100% for over 20 minutes and the cpu temperature is still less than 40 degrees.

Thanks to MikeBuzz for arranging and the person who manufactured them.



Mine’s arrived today as well!

Thanks again @MikeBuzz for organising this and also @Fcpiek and his friend for bringing this to the forum and offering a quality all in one solution.

Out of interest @MikeBuzz @idfoxx what overclock settings are you using with your heatsinks?

Cheers, Matthew


Running with the following at the moment just to test


have run the following command to max the CPU out

fulload() { dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null | dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null | dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null | dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null & }; fulload

Been running this for the last 30mins and temps at 50


Mine has also arrived safely and been installed successfully. Running 4 cores at 100% for the last 10 minutes and the temp is still just below 40C.
Many thanks @MikeBuzz for arranging this - I reckon we all owe you a beer if we ever meet up somewhere!


All installed and running.
I assume I need to copy the CM1 license keys into the CM3 config.txt?


No license really needed as the CPU can deal with software decoding, if you want the license you need to buy a new one


Just got mine… Will install soon and report :slight_smile: Thanks again a lot for organizing whole logistic…

p.s. maybe it will be useful to pit “how to install” post and descriptions for use tools/addons to measure/watch temperature


I also just got mine through the door. I’ll try to install it later.

Again thanks for sorting this for us all :slight_smile:


A couple of pictures of the heatsink being installed, if it helps anyone.

First thing was to line up the heatsink over the CM3 processor, the heatsink had some sellotape folded over itself on the top (bigger) side…

I put the case back on, flipped the whole device over and took the case back off leaving the heatsink in the correct position on the top cover. After marking its position with a felt pen and cleaning up the heatsink, I cut and attached the thermal tape to the heatsink, then stuck it back in position on the top cover…

I had some thermal paste lying around already so I used that, simply added an appropriate sized blob to the top of the processor before putting the top cover back on and tightening back up…

I may at a later date put some epoxy onto the heatsink and cover to make it more secure but it does seem pretty secure already.

Running with the following settings:-

I had all CPU’s maxed out while watching a TV show for half an hour and the temperature on the info screen at the end was 48C with an ambient temperature of 21C, after 3 minutes of idling the temperature was at 40C :smiley:.


@MikeBuzz thanks again.

Mine arrived and it fitted perfectly.

Again many thanks for sorting these out.



42C? mine is running at 54C with the same heatskink when executing the load testing with the DD command posted above :/. What’s the room temperature you are testing at ?


Ah good point @davide, no idea what the room temperature was but it was late so could well have been cooler. I’ll run another test in the middle of the day and check what the room temperature is too!


My two heat sinks arrived yesterday. Got them both installed now. The first one ended up being a bit off center, ie, the heat sink doesn’t completely cover the SoC, but the second one is spot-on.

Stress-testing the two units, turns out the SoC in the Slice with the not-so-perfect heat sink doesn’t get that much hotter (see below), so I’ll just leave it as is.

I ran both units for an hour with all 4 cores at 100% (room temp ~20C). The Slice with the mis-aligned heat sink reached ~48C, the other one ~44C.

Thanks again to MikeBuzz (and the guy(s) that made the heat sinks) :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m a little bit late to the party (only just got my CM3) so if you do another group buy I’m definitely interested in one .



Got a couple of copper blocks made. Thank you @MikeBuzz for providing the dimensions.

The temperature remains at around 49.4 C with ambient temperature being 32 C. (Yes, it is a hot country :sweat:)

Any Indian users out there? I can get couple of more made at my father-in-law’s workshop.

P.S. Dimensions are 15mm x 15mm x 12mm

Edit: Adding a few photos of installation. That thermal paste is Arctic Silver 5. Quite sticky actually. Held the block in place.

Removed the thermal paste and added Thermal Tape as permanent solution.

Apologies for the quality of the photos.


I ride a Indian Motorcycle


I’m in the US, so how does shipping cost? I’m really interested in the quality of the piece. Can you help?

If shipping to the US is expensive, I can have it sent to a friend in the UK, but it’s not the ideal arrangement for me.