Slice CM3 cooling mods


I’ve a friend in India for whom I got a Slice. He will be interested. How much for the piece + shipping to Bangalore?


@Sparkplug Nice! Royal Enfield or Bajaj Pulsar?

@sarathchandars, that would be around INR 350 + 50 (FedEx Surface or SpeedPost). I will include a 15mmx15mm thermal tape. :slight_smile:


I installed mine today the install wasn’t quite as easy as explained. I removed my HD to make sure it wasn’t formatted. and you do need to also d/l the the slice3 tar build for it all to work. However i am up


1947 Indian Chief …Is that ok?


I just followed the MikeBuzz instructions above. Kept my HD connected.


Thanks @MikeBuzz.

Mine arrived in good order; will install them in due time (took some days off everything because of serious flu).
Hope that H.265 decoding won’t overheat the CPU (Germany is switching DVB-T to H.265 end of this month).


Heatsink has arrived (about a week ago). Haven’t really had time to install it, and don’t have thermal paste luying around at the moment.


I don’t think the CM3, even with the latest optimisations that have helped a lot of H265 1080p24 files play OK, will give you smooth playback of 1080p50 H265 (which some German broadcasters are adopting on DVB-T2 - a world first for a regular service), as 1080p50 requires more than twice as many frames a second to be decoded as 1080p24.

The new German T2 standard does also include 720p50 (as many German HD broadcasts are on satellite), and 540p50 (a new standard designed to replace 576i25 and avoid any interlace), and the CM3 may well do better with these. However I believe there will be significant 1080p50 stuff. (ARD/Das Erste and ZDF I believe both are?)

There has been discussion of German T2 1080p50 HEVC stuff on the Pi3B and the devs confirmed that currently they are too demanding.


maybe you can write few more details (in a form of required steps) to document your experience and therefor help others to avoid mistakes? thanks

  • Did you test with h.265 encoded files? How does it behave?

  • How does Germany switching to DVB-T in Germany influence you? Do you stream from net or you have some usb pvr solution? feel free to pm me if you think these details are irrelevant in this post…



Ewoks - Germany isn’t switching to DVB-T - it did that many years ago.

It is, instead, switching from DVB-T to DVB-T2, and in the process switching from 576i25 MPEG2 encoding of the video services to 1080p50 H265 (and also allowing 720p50 and 540p50 H265) At the same time, many commercial services that were FTA unencrypted on DVB-T in SD are switching to an encrypted pay-TV option in HD (with the SD versions eventually being removed)

Because Germany is using DVB-T2 for modulation (same as many other countries are using with H264 compressioN) - any DVB-T2 USB tuner is likely to work with the FTA (free to air) broadcasts, but the encrypted stuff will be trickier. There are a number of USB DVB-T2 tuners on the market (though some of the very cheap ones don’t have Linux drivers). August T210 v1 and v2 (and the equivalent Geniatech etc.), Pinnacle PCTV290e and 292e all work with DVB-T2, and with suitable backend software (TV Headend has support, and I would imagine Myth and VDR too) you just need a playback solution that copes. Sadly AIUI the Pi 3/CM3 don’t currently have a working 1080p50 H265 decode chain - and it appears that we may be at the limit of what the Broadcom SoC they use can do.

(AMLogic S905/S905X boxes running LibreElec should cope fine - my ODroid C2 plays 2160/60p H265 from DVB-S2 via a SAT>IP tuner without skipping a beat)


sorry for the typo (DVB-T2)…
that’s what I thought… but if you have TV where you can plug your antenna, why you would by extra USB tuner to plug it to Slice, which is plugged to TV…? Just don’t see advantages here to go over media box, but maybe I am missing something… If there would be appropriate, reliable software for recording maybe I would understand but with current offer of such a software for RaspPi and similar boards I am seeing it more like “Just to try” experiment than everyday solution that is better than TV one already have.


TV Headend is a pretty reliable back-end.

The advantage over a set-top box or PVR is that you can have a central tuner server / recording box which can be accessed by Kodi, web clients, iOS/Android etc. to make and watch recordings, and live TV.

You can have a central recording server, with recordings and Live TV available to any networked Kodi device etc.

You can edit, archive, transcode recordings for viewing on other devices.

It requires a bit more work - but can be a lot of fun.


Apologies for not responding. Can you please PM me on how we can go forward with this? I’d also like to understand how exactly you implemented this (photos to help).


No problem. I have added a few photos to my original post. Do take a look.



Currently living in Europe, I m having difficulties to find a copper bloc as mentionned in previous posts.
@Gordon : Did you come up with a proper way of cooling the CM3 in the slice or redirect us to a proper shop?



Did you add thermal paste on both sides of the heatsink or just smaller diameter side where it touches CPU? @MikeBuzz was thermal tape in package?


Yes tape was included


damn… :scream:
need to check it again, either I missed it completely or it was forgotten in my package… It was already attached for bigger side of heating like @F1Fanboy showed on pic?


Thermal paste is just on the smaller side where it touches the CPU, the larger side is attached to the case with the thermal tape.

The thermal tape wasn’t attached to the heatsink beforehand but was included in the package. It was then cut to shape before sticking.