Slice CM3 cooling mods


Is it still possible to get one of those heatsinks? I know i’m a bit late to the party here. :cry:


I want one too!
My CM3 will arrive this week and I didn’t think about the heat


Hello fellow Slicers, I have 4 extra pieces of copper blocks that I can ship. Each piece works out to about 6 Euros plus shipping. I would be including thermal tape so that the block can be attached to inside of the casing. All that you would need is thermal paste to cover the gap between the processor and the block.


@rahuljawale I PM’d you already, but just want to express my interest in one of those 4 remaining heat sinks :slight_smile:

Let me know how much and how you’d like me to transfer funds to cover manufacturing and shipping costs to the US.




I’ve one of these installed on my Slice and I can assure you all that installation is a breeze and temperature is well under control. Get it from @rahuljawale before they run out.


@rahuljawale Thanks for the offer. I ended up sourcing my own copper block. Just got it today.

I’m in Ireland & I ordered from UK, still felt like it took ages to get here. It could be in better condition I suppose, but it doesn’t need to be pretty to get the job done.



mine was not pretty but it does the job, good enough is good enough!

Anyway nobody can see inside the case so there is no cause to feel bad about a “better condition” concern, If you don’t tell, I am sure the folks here won’t either :sunglasses: Everyone else will admire the Slice for what it is. Most important is the thermal interface between the case and the block and the block and the CPU. As long as the heat can get out everyone is happy, most especially the CPU!



I agree. No one is going to peek inside to see if everything looks nice. If you would like you could always use the sandpaper to bring a nice and even texture to the whole of the block.

BTW, what service did you use? Do they have a website? I was lucky in my case because my FIL had spare material lying around.


Are there any left. I am interested to get one. I live in Belgium. Have you an idea of the shipping costs ?
You can contact me directly on


My CM3 was running around 57°C whilst idling. I found some 12mm x 5mm copper bus bar and created a crude copper block from three short lengths held together with some thermally conductive adhesive, having given them a quick clean up first with some emery cloth. Cleared a patch in the case lid (the centre of the CPU is about 35mm from the front edge and about 55mm from the left edge), placed the block directly on the processor, put a blob of thermal adhesive on top of the block and popped the lid back on for a second. The block stuck well enough to remove the lid with it held in place and I pushed it down firmly.

Once the adhesive was cured, I placed a piece of thermal washer material on top of the cpu and re-assembled it all. Idle temperature is now around 39°C rising to around 47°C when place under heavy load.

With the CM3 setup and TVHeadend installed, I am now able to record/watch Freeview HD directly using a USB Dongle (August DVB-T210) and I can finally retire my old SD only PiB with OSMC.


simple and effective, I like it



Rahulhawale / MikeBuzz - do you still have any piece left in stock that I could buy?
Very interesting thread indeed, thanks for the joint efforts mates.


@ronhanson I could do one more run if there are atleast 4 requests. :slight_smile:


Thanks @rahuljawale, let me know.
@MikeBuzz Do you have any left ?


@rahuljawale, i’m also interested in one piece.


Slice temperature is currently growing up here :

Slice:~ # /usr/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp

It would be nice to have some words from @Gordon on the matter with proper specifications
Or should we go redneck

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 has been released

@Klagh - would you be interested into buying a piece of copper from @rahuljawale to cool down your CM3 ? If yes, that makes 3 of us :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in buying one.


I’m also interested in CM3 cooling mod solution if available?


Hello folks, I have 10 more copper blocks available.

@tedescn, @cenotaph, @ronhanson, @laraza, please send a PM with your addresses.