Slice keeps freezing when playing movie from NAS


I have A synology NAS where I store my movies on to play on my NAS. Almost every movie makes the SLICE freeze once or twice. The movie just stops playing and the slice freezes. I have tot restart the slice. I included the debug files in the link below. Hope you can find anything that is wrong. I’m using the nightly at the moment.


What bitrate are the clips? Are you using ethernet or WiFi to access the movies?


It’s wired. I added a screenshot of the media info. If you need more info, let me know.


Any idea what the bitrate is of the video? Also, whilst playing press select button and it should tell you the audio channel being played (AC3 or DTS) make sure it’s AC3



Here is the bitrate info:


And the audio stream being used?


The audio stream is AC3


Whats the CPU usage while playing? It should be pretty low… Do the skips correlate with high CPU usage?



I checked, the CPU is between 25-40. But it are not skips. the slice just freezes and I have to pull the power to restart. When I replay the same part it’s fine.


I had the same (or similar) issue when a WiFi bridge was between Slice and NAS (It was like this: Slice - switch - WiFi AP in the client mode - WiFi AP - switch - NAS). After I replaced WiFi by a cable to another room (Slice - switch - switch - NAS) - I have a stable playback.


Since the debug log just seems to say it stopped getting data (the only errors in the log were stream drops which is why I had assumed it was just skips), I can only assume it’s some kind of network change which causes the link with the NAS to be dropped.

What is the data format used to transfer data? Are you using it as a samba server or an NFS server, or something like Twonky?



Sorry it took so long. It is a upnp connection. Can this be the problem? Should a add this as a smb connection? Its a synology has.


I could be the problem, but I’m not sure… I’ve never used uPNP to stream video so not sure if this is a common problem with Kodi / LibreELEC



what would the prefer connection be? I just browsed all the options. uPnP was the only one that gave me the filelist.


I use either samba or nfs on a Weston Digital LiveBook…