Slice light kit


For those interested in getting another Slice for a satellite unit then we have now created the Slice Lite kit at Pimeroni

Contains everything you need to connect your Slice to the back of the TV (including VESA mount), but with the cost pared back to the minimum!



I wonder if this would work on a smallish tv for the Hyperion software Haddon that you seem to now have working.
Would the “naked” LEDs be bright enough to give a rough lighting effect (obviously without the definition provided by multiple LEDs on a strip)

If possible sounds like a great feature for a tv bedroom!!


It definitely brightens up the bottom of the TV in a darkened room in the Slice case so fully opened it should do… I think the hardest part is directing the light out rather than straight into the wall… A small 45degree mirror should fix that, not sure if something like that is available



You can certainly buy mirror pieces from craft type shops.
They certainly do strips or small tiles and even mirror stickers.
I’m sure it would be simple to rig up.

If the Slice lite was mounted on the VESA mount on the back of the tv, wouldn’t the LEDs be shining outwards anyway?


No the LEDs shine directly up from the board and use the light guide / diffuser to direct the light out.

So using a mirror strip would be interesting…



This looks really interesting - although I love the really nice metal case on my Slice it is actually a bit of a pain for my main use, taking it with me on business to plug into the hotel TV, where something much lighter (plastic) would help. I don’t suppose you’d consider producing a cheap, light plastic case (or 3D printer file?) to go with these?



My Naked Slice arrived the other day but I only got around to unpacking today. I discovered that the stand-offs were 3mm screw size, not 2.5mm. I sent a query to the folks at the Good Ship Pimoroni, an hour or so later the postman delivered the correct size stand-offs. That, I suggest, is Customer Service perfection.

Seriously, I am sure that the incorrect size got shipped and the error was spotted and corrected. Well done folks.



Mine arrived the other day too. Still haven’t got around to sorting it out but again some more stand-offs arrived this morning!

Great service.



Now you know what they are for :slight_smile:

Be interested to know if you get the update process to work OK. I did an update as per normal (already a proud Slice owner) and it ‘bricked’ the device and I had to resort to reloading via the special utiltiy as mentioned elsewhere in the forum. Did not matter, I was pleased to test low level recovery, something I was not keen to do on the Slice.

Pleased to report it works fine now and I have learnt some more too.



Interesting that you had it brick when you installed… That’s really not supposed to happen…

Did this happen when you updated through the menu (i.e. Setup->OpenELEC settings->Check for updates)?

Or did it happen when updating through NOOBS, also were you updating NOOBS itself or just the stable build?



just booted and tested it was working OK with old version of S/W. It was fine. Rebooted and updated the stable build only from noobs, started downloading a little, gave an error, sorry cannot remember what, and died. No LEDS on removing and replacing power, not even the slightest flash that I could see.

So I decided the only course of action was to follow the “bricked recovery” instructions, which worked fine. Now running nightly which is fine too.