Slice ordered in June


Hi All,

I am new on this forum and I need some help…

I ordered in the middle of june (the 16th) a Slice Media Player and I received an email on 20th of june who told me :

“We are currently trying to obtain Compute Modules and we have been told that they should be available in early July…”

And since this last email, I have got no news at all…

So my question is have you got the opportunity to tell me who things goes for my order, or who I need to contact ?
(I already sent an email at, but I did not received an answer…)

I hope that you can answer to me, or help me.

Thank you in advance

Best Regards.



Compute Modules arrived with us late last week, we’re programming them and packing up your Slice for shipment. :slight_smile: You’ll receive an e-mail notification with tracking number once it’s been shipped.

Thanks for bearing with us!


Hi Jon,


Thank you for your answer.
When do you think (approx) it would be able to be shipped ? (I live in France).

Best Regards.