Slice - postmortem and anyone selling?


So, I always wanted to create a custom raspberry pi media center, and then I came across Slice. Which looked like THE perfect raspberry pi media player, something that’s small, sleek, had LEDs(! :smiley: ) and is actually much cheaper than building your own from spare parts. So I’ve been following this project ever since and waiting for the right moment and some spare money to buy it for quite some time.

You can imagine what I felt, when today I finally decided to buy TWO of them, one for me and one as a present to my dad. And I see “no longer available” message. It’s a huge bummer.

So, I want to ask if anyone is selling slices or if there’s any way to get some. Ideally I’d like to get one red and one black. Preferably with at least 1TB (better 2TB) drive, but no drive should work as well.

And I wonder about any possible future and plans regarding this project. What are the alternatives to slice? Something that’s just as open and programmable, and looks nice and sleek. And costs about the same.



I have a black 1 tb to sell. I’ve not used more than 10 hours.


To everyone interested in selling it, I have to admit that while I was really eager to buy it, because of it’s small size, great sleek design and the fact that it’s hackable raspberry pi, I’m starting to doubt whether it’s powerful enough for high quality video playback. Can anyone comment on that? How well does it work with Full HD BD Rips, at least?


Now it’s been upgraded to the CM3 the Slice has plenty of power to play back 1080p at any bitrate, including BD rips. Unless you’re storing them locally though, you need to make sure your wired network is up to scratch. No chance on WiFi in my experience.

I have a 2TB red Slice (CM3) for sale. It’s been my media player for a couple of years, but I’ve now got a 4k tv, so I want something that will play 4k material.



I would like to buy one


It’s for sell. Where would i be shipping it to?


Hi Jared,

Shipping to Australia mate


I will ship via united states postal service. They provide tracking until
it reaches Australian customs at which point your postal service takes over.

If you decide you want it I’ll give you my PayPal email address to send the
money to. Once I receive the funds I’ll ship and send you the tracking info.

In the meantime I’m glad to answer any questions about the slice or send


I have an original Kickstarter preview edition (No HDD) which is still boxed. Apaprt from switching it on to make sure it worked, I have never used it.

If anyone would like to make me an offer. UK shipment only.


Thanks Jared,

How much is it going to cost me ? And how much internal storage does it
have ?


I’ll do it for $200 USD. It is the 1 TB hd