Slow Buffering on LibreElec/Jarvis



I revived my Slice yesterday, after I’ve put it to rest a while ago. And the first thing I did was trying to update it.
So I chose the nightly build and it was LibreElec with Kodi 16 Jarvis. I used the Wifi Dongle supplied.
I chose my Source (Synology NAS) and tried to play my video files.
Unfortunately it started to stop every 10-20 seconds and buffer.
I thought that maybe it was the Wifi, changed to powerline adapter and still there.
Tried using the source as SMB and as NFS, no changes.
So after a hard reset, problem still persists.

If anybody had the same problems and found a solution, it would be nice to share that.


PS: The slow buffering also occurs with Chromecast and PLEX. I doesn’t occur with Chromecast and VideoStream (Chrome Extension) and the video file.
PSS: I’m now using the stable build with OpenElec with Kodi 15 and it works fine.
PSSS: All video files are encoded in x264 as .m4v with iFlicks 2 in their original iTunes folder.


Saw a problem recently where someone had dwc_otg.speed=1 accidentally set in cmdline.txt so check that first…

Otherwise not sure why this would occur, what bitrate are your sources?