SMB issue on CM3


Installed CM3 on slice updated using

(issue exists on earlier Chewitt CM3 builds as well)

Problem is I am unable to add any remote media files using SMB. When I browse for remote server on SMB it shows correct workgroups (EZPC & WORKGROUP in my case), but when I select EZPC the connection times out and never displays the list of servers available on that workgroup.

This issue is only on the CM3. CM1 works fine as do all other LibreELEC builds on various RPi systems that I have. I have tried various SMB / network settings but makes no difference - SMB connection to EZPC always times out. I can’t see any difference between the CM3 settings and any of the other working system settings.

Note I can connect OK using upnp but this limits my ability to control what I want to connect to. I need to use SMB.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Where should I be looking for clues?

Log file not too helpful - just says connection to EZPC timed out.


I got round this by entering the media source server IP addresses and names in the hosts.conf file and rebooting - see this 5 year old thread…

but this is not very satisfactory if the servers use dynamic IP addresses.

The thread seems to imply there may be a problem with the way samba has been implemented in these builds?