[SOLVED] Not enough space to install skins and addons



I’m trying to install Titan skin on Slice and I’m receiving error “Installation failure”. Are dependencies are installing.

In log I’ve found:

20:25:10 725.186218 T:1785496640 ERROR: Copy - Failed write to file special://home/addons/skin.titan/extras/defaulticonswide/defaultaddonmusic.png
20:25:12 726.613464 T:1785496640 ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[skin.titan]: could not read addon description of special://home/addons/skin.titan

I was also trying another skins and it always end in same way.

I’ll be grateful for help.
Best Regards


I’ve found a reason why it is happening. I have installed mc and I was trying to install this skin “by hand” but it is not enough disk space. Can You tell me if it is possibe to resize partition without loosing data?


It may help to free up space by deleting the thumbnail cache - that’s what I do when Kodi starts misbehaving. It’s in the .kodi directory.



Unfortunately the storage is a little limited on the flash, it is possible to move it onto the hard disk, but you would need to reformat it as ext4 first…

Once you’d done that, you can just copy the contents of /storage to the hard drive (/media/Slice-HD) using the ssh interface

Then you just edit the cmdline.txt file and change DISK=LABEL=SETTINGS to be the new volume label you give it when formatting.

If things go wrong at this stage, you can edit the cmdline.txt through the recovery interface as well if you’ve got a keyboard plugged in




Thank You for help. I’ve managed how to do this.

I have used usbboot to see Sllice drive under Linux, and then I’ve used gparted to easy resize partitions.
Now everything is working like it should.

I thin You should consider to enlarge size of userdata partition. After installing some addons I can not install any skin. Even movies images are not saving.

Best Regards

BTW: I’m not recommending Titan skin on Slice - it is so slow under this device. It is great skin that will allow to put most used stuff on main screen, but… it is too slow to daily use…