Sopine 64 - RPi CM3 Competitor


Pine 64 have just announced a competitor to the CM3.

The compute module retails for $29 and the baseboard for $14.99.

64bit quad core cpu
128MB SPI flash
Micro SD slot
Power management
DDR3 SODIMM form factor

Does anyone know if it’ll be compatible with Slice?


It looks to be pretty much the same specs as CM3 Lite (although it does have more SDRAM) at the same price. Without the software support / community…

Also you can’t add eMMC to the board…

Finally why don’t they say 1.2GHz in the data as they do for everything else? You wonder if they’re having trouble keeping the temperature down to a manageable amount!


It’s completely different form-factor (based on DDR3 connector instead DDR2 connector in CM) with completely different pinout. So, obviously, hardware it’s not compatible. But if you meant that if it will be able to run LibreELEC (or Kodi in general), then I don’t know. Maybe.


Wow, completely missed that, good point!