Spare Slice Power Supply


Now I have my Slice I would like to buy a second power supply, so that when I want to take Slice on a road trip I don’t need to ferret behind my TV stack to extract the wall wart :grinning:

There was talk way back when of making the official power supply available through the Five Ninjas Shop. Any idea when that might be?

If that isn’t in the plan, can you point me in the direction of a suitable replacement please?


I asked a similar question but for the remote, advised the Ninjas need to focus on supplying all backers before looking to provide any peripherals, which is fair enough.
Not sure if there’s any other suitable replacements though.


Does the original power lead state any details on it for Amps?? I would have a guess and say a 230AC -5VDC 2A as the slice spec on kickstarter said 2A on some comments and 3A on others. You will also need to measure the external diameter of the bullet plug. I would guess it’s 5.5mm by looking at the picture. If it’s 2A and 5.5mm you can get them from Amazon for under a tenner. :grin:


It’s a 5V 3A supply. There are various model numbers on the original, so I’m sure I could get something that would work, but I would prefer the original type for peace of mind if possible. The original also comes with various international adapters, making it excellent for travel use.


Fair do’s. @mo are you willing to give shutterbug the make and model number of the power supplies endorsed/recommended by the ninjas?
@shutterbug I’ve just seen this



Unfortunately the make / model won’t help you since you can’t just buy the Slice PSU off the shelf, it’s custom made. We will be putting it onto the shop though at some time…



Thanks for the info Gordon. We appreciate all your hard work. :blush:


Thanks Gordon, much appreciated. Your reply has made me even more sure I need the original psu!

Perhaps now would be an ideal time to add the accessories to the Ninja shop, as I imagine that side of things is fairly quiet while the case supply problems persist. :wink:

And again, thanks for all your hard work on Slice. After my initial bumpy start (all down to my lack of knowledge) I’m really very pleased with my Slice.


Hi guys,

Just wondering if these are going to be for sale any time soon? I use my slice everywhere and would love a spare PSU so I don’t have to keep diving behind the TV cabinet


@Gordon Firstly, would like to wish FiveNinjas all the best for 2016, hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year!

Secondly, my point, I’m still waiting on the PSU’s going on sale, any ETA??? Its kinda a big deal for me as mine is built behind the unit (a big IKEA number) and I really don’t want to dismantle just to put it back again eveytime I need the PSU for my Slice.

I know you said its custom built but surely this bad boy will be compatible…its practically universal.

(MOD NOTE: link deleted as psu shown could damage a Slice)


I’d even take a bashed to bits 2nd hand one that you have kicking about the ‘warehouse’


Nope, that one you show is very definitely NOT compatible - you need 2A at least, with the Ninjas sticking with 3A to be safe.

In fact as a responsible mod I am going to delete your link as the psu shown will either fry itself or Slice!!

I think we established it was a 5.5mm jack, so this one should be OK:

The only thing I would say is that as a former laptop tech you have to be very very careful about the quality of psus sold on Ebay!!


thanks @ninyule I actually seen that one earlier but I was unsure if it was the right adapter to fit into Slice