Stable build changes [UPDATED 4th January 2016]


In an effort to bring together @Gordon 's sterling efforts with software development, I have pulled together all the forum titbits of info to produce the following. I will endeavour to keep this as up-to-date as possible.

As always, additions/corrections welcome - I will also post this in the wiki when I work out where to put it!

Stable build changes (from 22/10/15 up to 19/11/15) - latest is dated 20151102

OS updates
Now using Kodi 15.2 Isengard and OpenELEC 6.0.

To CS4265 driver (the Cirrus DAC audio chip) to remove input definition which clashes with S/PDIF control.

exFAT drivers patched to 1.2.2 to include fix for more reliable filesystems.

Additional functions
An LED shutdown sequence to allow users to 100% safely remove power.

Added option to allow selection of build type in [OpenELEC settings} -> [System] -> [Update type]. Enables switching between builds without having to reboot to NOOBS.

Option to disable LIRC module - Slice will then ignore IR key presses from another remote.

Fixed issue where [Fast Forward] and [Rewind] went to [Pause] while seeking; the Kodi player will now go to [Play].



Stable build changes (23 November 2015)

Shutdown script now puts hard drive in ‘standby’ not ‘sleep’ mode.


Stable build changes (12 December 2015)

For debugging only
Added dmesg output to the paste output.

Ensure LEDs are zeroed out at end, except for the QUIT sequence.



Nightly build changes [20160103155900 release]

Updated to latest OpenELEC-6.0 branch changes.

Notable changes:
Update to exfat fuse driver which fixes a bug noticed with monitoring free disk space


Note the above latest changes are to the Nightly build.


My slice sees the same update as a update over and over. I updates it twice now and it still sees a new update. I’m on the nightly. Any ideas?


Update highlighted is a stable build…


For this Nightly build you need to use the recovery system to update


I am in a same boat here (system size check fails or similar error) but I wonder if I update from recovery system if my library will survive update or I need to rescan hdd for data and pull metadata from internet again? Thanks


any plan of Kodi 16 on nightly? or it will stay on bloody as long as 16 is not final? I mean Kodi 16 is officially in RC1 already, guess that qualifies it for nightly no?


Yes it will do once I’m happy it is a step up from current Nightly!

I’ve had some trouble getting the passthrough working on bloody, once that’s sorted I’ll push it to nightly



I know it is not to be asked but I would really appreciate any ETA clue… :smile: Thanks for all the efforts


It’s working on Bloody, but the LEDs are broken… Requires rewriting some of the led code because libpng has changed



And time has come :slight_smile:


Long times since any news here Gordon whats cooking?


Any new son this @Gordon?


and still no news on that bloody from @Gordon ?

New Stable / Nightly / Bloody build [Oct 19 2015]

See my post here New Stable / Nightly / Bloody build [Oct 19 2015]