Stable build changes [UPDATED 4th January 2016]


I was wondering when would the Slice Stable Build would be updated to Kodi 16.1 and whether if you are going to use the Estuary skin with Kodi 17 as I am very excited for the estuary skin because it looks promising . Also approximately how long is it going to take to get the Estuary skin on the slice stable build .

Thank You


Also please can someone tell me what is the difference between the “Bloody” build and the “Stable” build because I’m not sure . Also will the “Bloody” build be updated to Kodi 17.0 code name Krypton when it is officially released

Thank You


The latest build is based on the LibreELEC latest build, this means moving from the Slice skin to the Estuary skin. If I point stable at that build then there would be no way of going back to the Slice skin

I’m assuming there will be people who are happy with their Slice box as is and would prefer not to lose the skin. So I am not planning on ever updating the Stable build.

(Stable is after all meant to be stable and it is…)

For CM3 when it is available in the next couple of months we’ll move to a more standard LibreELEC build and stay that way…