Stable update, what's in it?


Hi @Gordon,
I’ve just started to get notification of an update for stable, (I’m on 20151209070353) where can I find out what’s in this update before I allow it. I don’t want to break TVheadend, or any other addons I’ve got.
On another point, is there any way of doing a total backup of the system, before doing an update so we can go back if problems show up?
Thanks Kevin.


You can back up your storage directory but not the main release. The changes to stable are just the stable ones on OpenELEC-6.0

You can see the changes in the OpenELEC github page I just update once a month or so. You don’t have to update, if you’re happy with what you’ve got then just disable the update checking in the OpenELEC settings



Hi Gordon,
Ok Thanks, I was just concerned that it might have been updated to Kodi 16.
I’ll take a look at the git hub release notes for OpenELEC.
Regards, Kevin.


OpenELEC-6.0 is a stable openelec branch of Kodi 15, it will never be updated beyond this.

The Slice stable build may move although I think I may leave stable there specifically so we have a long term stable build



Hi Gordon,
Thanks, I am considering stopping on Kodi 15 as it seems to do everything I want at the moment and is very reliable, I have installed your latest 15.2 and everything seems good to me. :slight_smile:
I think it would be a very good idea to keep this as a known ultra stable build for the future, maybe even introduce an extra install option (Bloody, Nightly, Stable, Ultra Stable) maybe, I think it would be very usefull to have that as a know good previous build that anyone with problems/doubts could revert to, especially as it’s not possible to do our own backups of the system.
Thanks for all your work.
Regards, Kevin.


Hello @Gordon, I am “on the same boat” with @Bleep in that I do not wish to take a risk of breaking my addons.

You are right to say “you don’t have to update” but I just have to point out that I am a bit dissapointed that:

  1. Stable updates are released and there is little information broadcasted about the release. (e.g. How can one upgrade? Why should one upgrade? Can one roll back? etc.)
    As a suggestion, you can try posting a new article each time a new stable version is released. Apologies if this comes out as an excessive request but I percieve it as essential.

  2. I am still not entirely sure what the quickest way is to find out what my version is. (do I need to restart so that I see the version for a few seconds at the top of my screen?)

@ninyule has been doing a great job with the wiki so you can perhaps co-ordinate any future improvements with regards to new release announcements with him?

  1. From now on I’m pretty much done with making updates to Stable unless something is particularly flagged from OpenELEC. This should be viewed as long term stable.

  2. Go to Setup -> System Information