Suggestion Box for additions/enhancements to Slice


Forum member @MikeBuzz has been working away at updating Slice to the very latest Kodi and OpenELEC builds, see here:

He has very kindly agreed to look at any suggestions for enhancements to Slice. I’m gathering them together here to stop duplication. and I hope everyone feels free to contribute.

Remember to read every post first before suggesting!



Hi Guys,

Would the be any interest in having the following available on the Slice?


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I urgently need a volume control for music. Maybe similar to that, what happens if one presses the okay button in a video and then step left with the arrows to the speaker symbol and presses ok again.

In the meantime, I use the volumecontrol of a Kodi-Remote-Control-App on my smartphone.


BTW: You’re doing a great job. Thanks a lot!

Making music work like movies (or TV shows) on Slice [ANSWERED]

Sort issue when using Slice as a UPnP server. On some standalone clients, e.g. my Roberts Stream 93i when the library album is selected, it shows and plays tracks in alphabetical order. It should, and I want it to, display and play in track number order. There has been a lot of discussion OpenELEC wise about this and it seems that the folks prefer to have a tight implementation rather than relax the sorting to make it work “properly” (imho).

An old kodi ticket refers: and the git commit to which it refers in comment 7 is here in file UPnP.cpp.

It does my head in playing music in high quality, knowing the track order and knowing it is wrong off the Slice. My Synology NAS UPnP serves up music in the correct (track) order.

I also use Runeaudio, but that works fine as it just uses the file structure on the hard disk, not the library.

I will be more than happy to test any fixes for this!!




This really needs to addressed upstream by Kodi

i could build a version with that option removed if you wanted to test that?


That would be cool, need a pointer as to how to download and install, my github workings knowledge is somewhat lacking, but I am learning.

The upstream thing: yes I agree, BUT it seems that they don’t want to do it, and the implication of the thinking is that they want a simple and basic implementation and not add things where it is the client which should address it. There are a few folks asking for it when you research the 'web.

I guess it is also a conflict between video / movies and the music player: what works for the moving picture indexing is not how we use it for music. Since it is a moving picture player which also does music, then music takes second place.



Have you seen this? I know it’s not the official “Kodi” game option but it’s offering a lot more features (like community stuff) than Kodi-Game is.

or if that link doesn’t work…



Another thought, since moving pictures may well want an alpha sort, for names and for series type naming Series n Episode yyy and music is different:would it be acceptable to maintain conformity to the simple approach but allow both to have a “do you want music type sorting” option to be selected and then the code from UPnP.cpp to act on the flag.

Either way I would be delighted if you can do a build I can test and see if it is just a matter of a simple fix to the UPnP file. You will have to tell me how to download and install it (as I said my github knowledge is sparse but growing!) A PM will be fine for that.



Suggestion: make Slice display red LEDs on power off so you know it is safe to unplug. Is it possible to set the LEDs to red on acting on a power down request and for them to remain so. They should be set as the last thing done before ‘control is lost’ and if we count to 10 then we know it is OK to remove power.

Nice to have: do the same thing on reboot so we can see progress, LEDs go red then go out as the Slice starts its reboot.



Somthing like this?

i need to play with it a bit more and work out how best to get the leds to remain on until they have no power


All you need to do to update is download the tar file from the above link, then copy it to the update share on the Slice, reboot and you slice will be updated the the latest version, at the moment i need to work out how to have the red leds stay on till last moment


Mike, forgive the simplistic questions, update share? where is it, or where should it go in the path from root. Do I need to create it? I will copy it using winscp (portable apps version) from the windows PC if I know where to place it. I cannot see an update share or an update directory.


if using windows just go to file explorer and type

\ip address of slice\updates

drag and drop the file there

other option is to copy it to the ~/.update folder using winscp


I usually figure out what is what, in this case it is /storage/.update as per Updated Slice Builds UNTESTED! and the link to openelect… and it works. It is not the how as much as the where!! Thanks for the pointer!

Yes, exactly like that, and if you can get them to stay on for a power off until power is disconnected that would be great.

I notice on this build you do not automagically mount the Slice HD (NTFS format in my case) ? Is this expected. Not a problem, just an observation!

I have just changed the exfat to ntfs to test, seems to work smoother / faster but that is a very subjective comment based on limited testing.

Let me know if you need another test.



One More Thing TM
How do I download the latest bloody without going through recovery download, i.e the download link to the tarball like you sent me? The link location? Like above, it is as much the where as the how :smile:


Thanks for letting me know about the HDD not being mounted, just building a version that fixes this. I will try and spend sometime tomorrow seeing if can get the LED working as requested

Do you want the latest Ninjas bloody or mine? @Gordon do you have a link to the tar file on


I am using the ninjas bloody for everyday testing and will load yours for ad-hoc testing, but would like to avoid the slooooooow download of the ninjas bloody to revert every time, so having a download link and being able to scp file after testing your builds would be very good.

BTW been going through tag-hell today trying to figure out how the tag works best, have you found time to do a UPnP.cpp build to test the sort on UPnP clients yet? (guess not, as you would have told me… and yes I know real life gets in the way, so this is not a nag, just a question :wink: )

Still I have it figured out and have album art displayed too (which was the big irritant)