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@MikeBuzz, thanks very nifty!

I have added it to the wiki with due credit.



The LED power off can also be enabled by coping the files to

\ip of slice\Configfiles



Thanks Mike, will add that too…


@MikeBuzz I installed this utility and I definitely find it helpful. But what I find aggravating is that the hard drive keeps spinning much after the red light goes off. I say so because when I unplug after the red lights go off, I hear the usual disturbing click. Gordon earlier pointed out that this isn’t an issue as modern drives come with large capacitance to take care of this. But is there a way to accommodate the hard drive spin down time?



how long after the red lights go off can you hear the HDD for, i would test but dont have a HDD in my dev slice at the moment



I assume that the hard drive (and all the other mounted drives) get un-mounted (umount) as part of the orderly close down at power off (or reboot). Therefore the hard drive will be safe to power down by removing power, even if it is still spinning. I also assume that, since the Slice has shutdown (but is still powered), the hard drive will continue spinning as there is no operating system task running to tell it to spin down, so it will spin until physical power is removed,

Just like any standard PC where the power down sequence un-mounts the drives and shuts down the power to the PC with the hard drives still spinning.

I am happy to remove power from my slice after power off and asked for the red light sequence to give an indication that the requested function had completed (including the un-mount of the hard drive).




Do you have the HDD as shipped from the Ninjas or one you have installed yourself?

just testing i can now get the HDD to spin down totally on shutdown


Could someone do me a massive favour

on your slice if you ssh and issue the following command

hdparm -C /dev/sda

What is reported back, if its Standby could you try playing something from the disk and issue the command again

Slice (unofficial) Version: devel-20151005112904-r21436-gc18b03e
Slice git: c18b03e2398cd1bfb61dd26f3e2b788ed3828176
Slice:~ # hdpram -C /dev/sda
-sh: hdpram: not found
Slice:~ # hdparm -C /dev/sda

 drive state is:  standby
Slice:~ # hdparm -C /dev/sda

 drive state is:  standby
Slice:~ #

First time was with nothing playing, sitting on the main menu screen, Second time was with a film playing from the disk.
Regards, Kevin.


hdparm does not appear to work with all drives. Using the latest Ninja stable build, I get ‘standby’ whatever command is issued, and the drive definitely does not spin down.

My drive is the usual Samsung 2TB chappie.


@Bleep @ninyule

Thanks for testing confirms what i though, hdparm ( corrected spelling :wink: ) does not seem to have any affect on the HDD

but saying this if you issue a hdparm -Y /dev/sda you can hear that the drive goes to sleep, only way i have found to wake up is pulling the power


Mais oui:

  1. disk spun down : drive state is: standby

  2. disk spun up not playing, just browsing album list : drive state is: standby

  3. disk spun up, playing music: drive state is: standby

reboot Slice and play music: drive state is: standby

power off, remove power, power on Slice and play music : drive state is: standby

change command to /dev/sda1 as reported by DF, playing music: drive state is: standby

Hard Disk is the Toshiba 1TB as supplied by the Awesome Ninjas has hdparm -S60 /dev/sda in it and the HD spins down correctly

Hope that helps… given the above, it may well confuse :confounded:



Cheers Roger

having read a few articles seems that hdparm might not work with HDD that are presented over usb which is how the Slice is setup, i am going to test with another solution


But if the action is power off Slice, then the only way to get the Slice to reboot is to remove the power anyway.

quote from above in this topic…

so while spin down of hard drive is a nice to have, is it really needed?



What i might do to my script is on shutdown issue

hdparm -Y /dev/sda
then the red led’s

on a reboot would only do the red leds

I dont use a HDD so does not bother me really :smile:


script it and I will test it for you.
Does not bother me either as on power down I will pull power: whole point of power down, otherwise when not in use, HD spins down to save power.



as you have office HDD could you run the following and let me know what you get back

hdparm -B /dev/sda
hdparm -M /dev/sda


Slice (unofficial) Version: devel-20151005112904-r21436-gc18b03e
Slice git: c18b03e2398cd1bfb61dd26f3e2b788ed3828176
Slice:~ # hdparm -B /dev/sda

APM_level = 128
Slice:~ # hdparm -M /dev/sda

acoustic = not supported
Slice:~ #

I have modified my adding the line:-
hdparm -Y /dev/sda

and I can hear the disk power off when I press OK to the power down option.
Regards, Kevin.



i see the issue with your HDD, with the following
APM_level = 128

this does not allow spindown, try the following

hdparm -B127 /dev/sda

this will then allow spin down :smile:

“Set the Advanced Power Management feature. Possible values are between 1 and 255, low values mean more aggressive power management and higher values mean better performance. Values from 1 to 127 permit spin-down, whereas values from 128 to 254 do not. A value of 255 completely disables the feature.”


I don’t have a problem with my disk, it powers down or spins down fine.
My Slice is running at the moment, not doing anything and the disk is not spinning.
So I started a film, disk span up fine, I stopped the film and approx (I didn’t time it) 5mins later the disk has spun down.
Regards, Kevin.