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Slice:~ # hdparm -B /dev/sda

APM_level = 128
Slice:~ # hdparm -M /dev/sda

acoustic = not supported
Slice:~ #

And my HD spins down fine according to the setting in even though APM is 128 too



@Bleep @g7ruh

Very strange, i just connected a HDD to mine and with the APM set to 128 no spindown, when listending to the side to the dev case i can hear the disk spinning, changing to 127 i know have spin down, very strange


Well anyone that does not have a disk that spins down try changing the apm settings :smile:


Would it be prudent / good management / correct procedure to flush the write cache, have a little sleep then issue the “put drive to sleep” command: not sure if “-Y” is immediate and ignores any in-flight operations? What do you think?



Yeah it would, but if we get spin down working for all drives then no need for the -Y

have just reset my dev slice and seeing what happens

-y which should put it in standby does nothing
-Y which does deep sleep, spins down straight away

just waiting the 5mins to see what happens on totall fresh system, with no changes


Ok 5mins are up and i can confirm on a totally fresh system with a HDD that is set to APM 128 its spinning down

so i see no need to add anything else to the shutdown script, but feel free to add stuff if you think its needed :smiley:


Will update the scripts as below if anyone wants to test it

case “$1” in
led_png /storage/.config/off.png
hdparm -S1 /dev/sda
sleep 15
led_png /storage/.config/off.png
hdparm -S1 /dev/sda
sleep 15
led_png /storage/.config/off.png
# your commands here


Just to expain it, if anyone wants to know

1st LEDS come on
HDD set to spin down after 5sec
wait 15sec
then powers off

on a reboot we dont spin down or wait 15sec as i dont see the point



coped script and tested: works fine, does what it should…don’t think the delay is right, better to have 5 sec rather than 15, just a bit too long to have the hand hovering over the power socket :worried:


I installed a HDD on my own - Western Digital Red 1TB. I have the hdparm -S60 in the config file to push the HDD drive to spin down when there’s no activity. I don’t know how I can test if this works. But I’ve added it :smile:

But I notice that about 2-3 minutes (haven’t measured it accurately) after the red light goes off I notice a really faint click suggesting that the drive has spun down. When I pull the plug before this noise I hear that dreaded click.


If hdparm -Y /dev/sda does indeed put it the hard disk into a standy mode that requires recycling power, won’t it help to add it along with the red light sequence that to shutdown event? In any case to power Slice back on one needs to recycle power.


Just to expain it, if anyone wants to know

1st LEDS come on
HDD set to spin down after 5sec
wait 15sec
then powers off

Novice question: This goes into the file, right?



Yep just edit the file :smile:


Hi Mike,

Were there any tricks to getting this going? I tried the same thing and it rebooted into Rasplex and displayed the normal setup screen but neither my remote nor USB keyboard would function. I’m quite keen to get this working.

Thanks, Steve.


No that won’t work because the default pins etc for a Raspberry Pi (which is what the default Rasplex build is designed for) are not the same as the Slice.

Things like the GPIO pin used to control the LAN9514 is different and therefore it is not coming out of reset (which is why you have no USB)

To make this work you need version that has device-tree support (there should be an overlays directory in the fat partition)

Then you need to copy over the slice device-tree files from the standard slice build (slice-overlay.dtb)

Also need to copy over dt-blob.bin

Then need to add


To get slice booting correctly


Well as RasPlex is based off OpenELEC you should be able to build a version using a mixture of the RasPlex and FiveNinjas git repo’s


having just downloaded and installed 0.7.1 by copying the tar file to the update folder my usb keyboard is working fine, dont have a remote on my dev kit


Yes that will work because the config.txt file is not overwritten between updates and the overlays will not be deleted



Just tested the latest Bloody build by the Ninjas and the shutdown file is now being included :smiley:


Bows in appreciation of a hack well implemented