Suggestion Box for additions/enhancements to Slice


Firstly, just want to say Mike…great job in all the work your doing.

As for my addition to slice, I would like to see two things (both accessories)

  1. Spare PSU…I believe this will be making its way into the ninjashop at some point.

  2. a power supply that is car compatible (works with cigarette lighter) so I can hook my slice up to a headrest screen


Another feature can be really nice.

Have possibility to Airplay contents (or in mirroring mode) from one Slice to another, or from Slice to an AppleTV.
So if i have 2 tv i can have same movie, music, or screen on both.

I dont know if hw of Slice is compatible with something like that.



I’m sure many Slice users have more than one TV - would it be possible to build a simple dongle like the Google Chrome Player, that just plugs into an HDMI port and uses Wifi to access a Slice box elsewhere on the network?

I’m not sure if this would require modification to XBMC/Kodi. It could use CEC or it’s own RC.



Well, we got that already.
Get another - diskless - Slice and share the library of your “master” Slice using UPNP.
Or go for a “plain” RasPI with OpenElec.
Share KODI library.


oh cool, thanks.

Is it fast enough?


I just realized the Slice has enough LEDs to program a binary clock into it for an idle display. You could even have it display the time index in binary while fast forwarding for a neat effect. I have never done coding before like this, so I am going to have to study up a bit first.

Anyone one that could offer some pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Hello there,

The reference point for slice is the “Programming the LED magic” post, have a look in there if you haven’t already.

I am missing plenty of foundational information (for example, does the slice have a RTC?) to actually contribute something concrete here but here is my thought: In this “Programming the LED magic” post, we read that there are a number of events that trigger LED patterns. For a clock to be possible, I believe that a “OneMinuteHasPassed” event would need to be present. (it isn’t present now). Code in C or perl would then need to ask 'hey, what time is it?" and then turn leds on or off.accordingly.


I think the best way to achieve this would be to write an application that ran continuously on the Slice hardware. To write to the LEDs you just use the open() function to open /dev/ws2812 when you want to write to the LEDs

Then you use the write() function to write 100bytes to the device and then close the device…

The 100 bytes are 4 bytes for each LED, which is a RGB32 value (i.e. one byte of red one byte of green one byte of blue and then a padding byte)

If you just write 4 bytes then it’ll just change the first LED… Have a go…



I don’t know if this would be possible, when pressing the ninja button on a title to select the audio if there are more than one.



@Gordon Another OS that I would like to see in the Slice Muti-boot option is OSMC. it is actively developed and very similar to SliceOS in many respects.

The original request to OMSCwas closed some time ago.
Still open for Slice:

It would be good if we could get to the point where we could just copy the standard OSMC image to a directory in the Hard Disk, add some files to it (config/LED support) and then be able to boot into it from the boot menu.



Gordon has stated recently that dual-boot is on hold due to tech issues…