Taptalk application?


Is the forum considering the very popular Taptalk app for mobile use of the Slice forum? It provides a high quality experience for mobile usage, so holds the same values as Slice then!


Hi Keith, the forum is built on the discourse platform. At present, I don’t think they have native tapatalk API support, though a few have ‘hacked’ it to get it working. I’m not sure it’s really even on their radar to work on at the moment, as discourse was always designed to be optimised for phone & tablet devices, therefore not ‘needing’ tapatalk support.

Be good to see in the future though, quite like having all my forums in one place


Yes that is the main advantage, the central location of all things forum-esque…
It would satisfy my OCD!


I must say it works really well on my iPhone for when on the move :smiley:


I have just saved it as an icon on my iPhone home page - works really well.


@Mo We only need an icon so when the forum is added on the iPhone screen it shows like an app, it’s a short HTML code line to be added with a little icon :slight_smile:


OK iOS graphic and ‘App’ logo sorted. Try re adding to your home screen as an app and you should see :wink: You should also see a graphic on the iOS forum now too!



Ok got it! Just adjusted it again. iOS users should see full graphics and a neat home page icon. Let me know if it works. Mo


Cool it works really well!
Thanks mo!!


Great! Working well here too.


Oh, how the little things mean so much. Thanks for this Mo, I’m almost borderline OCD when it comes to things on my home screen not looking right, without this it probably wouldn’t have a place on my home screen.


Yeah I’m the same. By the way if anyone is on OSX you might want to try Fluid.


Its great for turning sites (or your favourite forum) into a dedicated app!



Thanks @Mo that was a quick response, looks great and so much better THANKS :smile:


Looks great on my iPhone 6 :wink:


You can tell a lot about someone from their home page!:smiley: - you get lost a lot going on the bus to the cinema, whilst telling everyone about your ordeal? :smiley:


@keith exactly :wink: right. Hahaha