The forums behave really badly with LastPass


I use the password manager LassPass to handle all my passwords (it would be a nightmare to do it any other way) and I’m finding these forums don’t behave well when using LassPass. The normal behaviour is that if a user is logged into LassPass and then goes to a login page, LassPass will fill out the login form and the user can then just hit the “sign in” button to log in. On this forum there is no separate login page (which can be fine) and clicking on “sign in” brings up the login box but LassPass doesn’t fill out the form. The user has to first click the field and the LassPass will prompt with a list of possible logins (I only have one for this site) and then will fill out the form allowing the user to click “sign in” and proceed. So several extra clicks.

On iOS 8 the problem is worse as although the LastPass extension will fill out the login form, submitting it causes an “invalid username, email or password” error. As far as I can tell the credentials are correct so I’m not sure what is going on there.

I know that the issue is relatively minor but as more people use password managers the forum software needs to be friendly towards them. It shouldn’t be too difficult to fix and it would make my life easier and easier for others that use password managers.


you should contact the company that manage and create the forum

They are the host and the designer. They might be able to do something on the next update.


I use LastPass and I haven’t had this issue, which browser are you using and are you using the latest version of LastPass?


Thanks both of you. I’m using version 3.1.54 on Firefox and I think it’s the latest version. This is the only site that I’ve found difficulties with. TechieBloke what browser are you using and how does LassPass behave for you?


I use IE11, Aurora (Firefox 35), Chrome and Opera, the only sites I have an issue with (with LastPass) are sites that have dropdown logins or multiple logins on the same page - I have over 800 logins stored in LastPass and 99% work fine.


last pass and chrome work fine on this site


I’m not saying that LassPass doesn’t work in Firefox only that extra clicks seem to be required as LassPass doesn’t autofill the fields and I have to click the icon that LassPass adds to text fields and select an account before hitting the submit button. Is that what you are seeing as well? BTW this is Firefox on Window 7.

Is any one using the LassPass app on iOS 8? That’s where I’m having a bigger problem as although I can get the app extension to fill out the fields, the forums think the credentials are invalid.


That’s an IOS8 issue, you’ll have to look into Apple support and/or LastPass support to get an answer for that