They're all gone!


As of about ten minutes ago excepting a couple of units awaiting new address instructions we have completely shipped every Kickstarter and shop bought Slice unit!

We’re now moving to direct sales and can confirm shipping in two working days from ordering!

Thanks everyone, please send all your friends to the shop, now’s the point at which we can actually make Slice a real business and make it continue to live for all the cool extra’s / addons we’d like to be able to do!



Congrats to all the Ninjas on sticking with it through all the ups and downs

Now lets get on with the reactive lighting addon :smiley:


That’s excellent news, really pleased for all the Ninjas :smile:


Congratulations: Job Well Done, through all the frustrations and delays. You have at least 1 very satisfied customer: me :smile:

PS, I am sure you have more than one satisfied customer really :joy:


That’s great news, even if it has been a long time coming!

I can’t imagine how the Ninjas must have felt over the last year or so as problem after problem cropped up for them.

Another very happy customer here too. Despite having a Fire TV with Kodi installed I find the Slice is a much better media player. My only frustration is the poor remote, which constantly gives me double presses…

I’m another user hoping we can get somewhere with the reactive lighting add-on. Has anyone out there made any progress on this?


Thanks for the update Gordon. I must be one of the couple… Ordered back in April. I have sent an email to dojo@ requesting an update. Thanks


That was a prompt reply to my email! Its on its way! Thanks


It’s been a really good learning experience for all of us and we’ve not given up with Slice, we’re going to be continuing to support Slice and keep building updates and fixes and hopefully new stuff (like reactive lighting!) in the future. I just need a list of things to fix / work on

Not like I don’t already have quite a bit to work on, but it would be good for people to have a look and see what they think is important to them



Great! Congratulations!

Just a little issue here with my delivery. The tracker of Pimoroni & DPD (the deliverer) shows my package was delivered to and signed for by me yesterday… But I wasn’t home and I certainly didn’t sign anything.
So still no Slice for me and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Any help ?

Thanks, cheers,


EDIT : Problem solved : they had just left it on the floor, outside in the rain, hidden somewhere next to a bush. Luckily you guys had safely packed it so my Slice is fine and I’m impressed with the quality of the whole thing. I would advise not to work with that company again though as the way I found out my package was outside was after googling the company and finding other people who were in the same situation as me. Pretending to you that I signed for it while they just dropped in the floor is inacceptable.
Congrats anyway, thanks for the amazing product, and now I’ll go back to setting it up! :smile: Cheers!


Congrats lads. Now you will be able to sit back (briefly) and see what you achieved. Looking forward to the enhancement.


Can I make a suggestion @Mo, maybe to have the SLICE page mentioning that the SLICE comes with Kodi 15.2 might help people make a decision if they know we are on the lastest kodi built.


@Gordon I think for me all things that would need to be worked on are on Github, like having a 3D logo showing when a movie is in 3D to be able to differentiate them from normal 2D, that’s mostly a skin thing.

and also that during 3D movie play back the menus of SLICE doesn’t show in 3D


Woo hoo I ordered via shopify and it’s on the UPS truck for delivery TODAY!!!


Hello. March 2016, I have no Slice and support email does not work. Please keep your Slice and send me my money back. Order #1340.
Thank you in advance.


Congratulations!!! Great news!

A bit too later but I wish you a lot of success with direct sales and in possible future projects.Campaign was perfect, shipped devices work better than expected and your support as well as updates are just what one can dream of.
Wish all the best and a lot of success and profit to whole team. You definitely deserve it!!!