Update to Nightly and Bloody [31st Oct 2015]

  1. Added LIRC disable option to the OpenELEC settings dialog
  2. Fixed going to ‘Play’ rather than ‘Pause’ when play / pause button is pressed while fast forwarding or rewinding

Now looking into problems with hard drive, it looks likely that there are significant bugs in the exFAT-fuse driver that we use to talk to the hard drive. Looking into something else…




I see you have been very busy, when will you be pushing these changes to master or 6 branch? i see that OE6 is being held up with a bluray issue so hopefully should be released soon


Hi Mike,
Hope you had a good holiday :smile: I too have just got back from Greece, (Honeymoon) going round the ancient sites, amazing what they could build 3000years ago.
Do you know if @Gordon has put your corrections into his build to allow the use of the “Kodi PVR Add-On repository” that has TVheadend in it, (I don’t want to loose it) I seem to remember you had sent a request to him?
I’d like to be able to test his latest Bloody build, because recently I’m finding with a ‘reboot’ the hard disk is going missing, so I’m having to always do a power down, pull power etc… I’m a bit surprised as I’m using EXT4, but I’d like to see if his changed Fuse driver makes any difference.
Regards Kevin.



This is almost defintely not the problem and it’s interesting you are seeing this…

I’ve seen something very similar on my exfat formatted one… If it happens again can you try the following (you’ll need to log in over ssh)

echo 39 > /sys/class/gpio/export
echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio39/direction
echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio39/value
echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio39/value

I think there is a startup issue with the chip that talks to the hard drive…



Hi Gordon,
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:
Well it’s currently doing it every time, so easy to reproduce.
Entering the commands above brought it back :slight_smile: so yes that fixed it, but only for this boot, after another reboot, I had to do it again, which is what I expected, but at least you know what it is now, hopefully.
Regards Kevin.


That’s very interesting, can you ssh into the box (when it’s in its failed state) and do

dmesg | paste

And send the link? Just trying to see what’s different…



Hi Gordon,
The file with ‘dmesg’ in is here:-

You do realise I’m still using a build from Mike, from about a month ago, because I didn’t want to update to bloody until I know TVHeadend will still work?
Hope this is useful even so.
Regards Kevin.


You’ve got loads of stuff plugged into Slice, it’s possible that you’re just increasing the processor load because of the constant polling of the devices…

I’d suggest removing everything except the remote first and checking to see if that has any effect… It’d be interesting to understand whether this has any bearing on the USB->SATA bridge



Hi Gordon,
All USB inputs removed except remote, still does it, ‘dmesg’ log below, I wasn’t too surprised, as if it was too much loading, it would be much more likely to do it during a power up, rather than a reboot.

I’ve had a thought though, because this has only started relatively recently, up until now my disk has been faultless, I’ll do some more testing this morning and let you know the results.
Regards Kevin.


What disk is it you have in there, is it the standard disk supplied by us? 1TB or 2TB?



Hi Gordon,
It’s a 500Gb, not supplied by you.
I think I’ve found it.
Because I am still using an old (1 month ago) build, it was around the time that you were experimenting with disk powering down, so I had

hdparm -Y /dev/sda
led_png /storage/.config/off.png

in my shutdown.sh

I’ve now changed it to

case "$1" in
led_png /storage/.config/off.png
hdparm -S1 /dev/sda
sleep 6
led_png /storage/.config/off.png
hdparm -S1 /dev/sda
sleep 6
led_png /storage/.config/off.png
# your commands here

and it now seems to be behaving correctly again. :smile:

Do you know if I can update yet to your latest ‘bloody’ build and still keep TVheadend working? If so I will.
Thanks for your help.
Regards, Kevin.

HDD suddenly disappeared / un-mounted [RESOLVED]


That’s interesting, do you have your off.png and I’ll see about integrating it (might do something a little different though…)



Hi Gordon

The off.png is just solid red, nothing fancy, was going to do it animated but have not had the time, it was just a quick hack :smile:



you can use the official bloody version as the addons are now working :smile:


I would suggest you use nightly or stable, not bloody… Otherwise it is possible you’ll lose everything if/when I accidentally update a broken build!



Hi Gordon/Mike,
Would I be best initially doing this update through the recovery/noobs system to get everything to standard, or will it be ok to allow the openelec automatic update to handle it, I am getting reminders that an update is available.
I have now done several reboots and the hard disk is reliably being found.
As Mike says, the off.png simply makes all the leds go red for a few seconds, at the end of which it’s safe to remove power, during a power down.
Regards Kevin.


Update over openelec is fine, there is actually no difference in the final result



Ouch… That was painful :frowning:
Once I did the update, everything had gone back to scratch, (I wasn’t expecting that) so I had to re-install all my plugins and re-setup everything, it’s taken the best part of the day, if I’d have known, I’d have waited for a major update.
Is it possible, in future to also offer a link to a .tar file, which I can place in the ‘update’ folder, doing it that way leaves everything as it was. Just having a grumble. :wink:
Regards Kevin.


Ah I assume you did the reset as well then?

You do realise that the in-OpenELEC update is exactly the same as putting a .tar file into the .update folder right?