Update to Nightly and Bloody [31st Oct 2015]


I recently upgraded to the October 31st Bloody Build and have run into no issues. I wanted to see how these nightly builds worked. So far I have updated each time a new one has been released and have not run into any issues. I’ll keep testing and see if I can break anything.


I would suggest switching to nightly, not bloody… It is very possible that bloody will break a Slice and you’ll have some trouble getting it back again afterwards



Hi Gordon, thanks for the info on the Openelec updating, I’ll use that in future. :slight_smile: l used the recovery/Noobs update method, through the Ninja button on boot. I suspect it reset everything because I changed from bloody to nightly, at your suggestion. It’s probably a good thing anyway, :wink: as at least I know it’s a completely standard initial state now and I know I can get everything back working again.
Thanks for your help Kevin.


Switched to nightly from the stable just now.

I still do get the HDD disappearing if i reboot my Slice.


I think the fix to HDD reboot requires another update in the next couple of days (I believe it is correctly implemented in bloody right now, but I’d suggest holding off until I’ve finished testing)