Updated Slice Builds UNTESTED!


Hi guys

i have build 2 new version of SliceOS today

Slice-Slice.arm-6.0-devel-20150820143804-r21151-gc1509d7 which is only updated to Kodi 15 but based on the Bloody build

Slice-Slice.arm-6.0-devel-20150820145132-r21259-g5402e1c is based on Kodi 15.1 plus bring it inline with the latest master of OpenELEC, so even more Bloody than the Bloody build :slight_smile:

i have tested that they both install just by extracting the files from the target directory and copying to the update folder via samba



Suggestion Box for additions/enhancements to Slice
Suggestion Box for additions/enhancements to Slice

Have noticed 1 issue with the new builds is that the config.txt is over written so make a backup before updating


:+1: :+1:

I’ve been hoping for someone to step forward with this.
Gonna try some time over the weekend.


Have just updated to the 15.1 build.

Correct config.txt kept
LED’s not working
Default skin theme seems to now be Neon

Will update if find more issues


LEDs now working, it would seem if you upgrade from stable to this release the dt-blob.bin does not seem to update, will do more testing. But if you upgrade from Bloody to either of the above the LEDs work


I have uploaded the dt-blob.bin files to DB in case any wants to try updating from stable to one of the above and just coping these files to /flash


It’s likely because the installer script that copies the files from the updates folder to the /flash folder doesn’t know about dt-blob.bin



Think i have found the issue there is a line in config.txt


Gordon, what is the above for?

From stable to the above build with 15.0, using samba update method works, all you need to do to get LED’s working is remove the above line from the config.txt

+On Raspberry Pi, Device Tree usage is controlled from /boot/config.txt. By
+default, the Raspberry Pi kernel boots with device tree enabled. You can
+completely disable DT usage (for now) by adding:

  • device_tree=

Seems that entry is being added by OE build system


Quick video of 15.0 showing the new patterns on the DB link above


Hi Mike,
Do you know if I can use your update to 15.1 on a dual boot Slice, with Raspbian?
Will your build include all the analogue output drivers, I’m assuming yes?.


I have not tested the dual boot side of things, but in theory it should be fine

Yes all the latest fixes are included, along with all updates on the OE master branch


Hi Mike,
Unfortunately it looks like I can’t on a dual boot, as the /storage partition where .updates is located is only 93MB big and by the time other stuff has been put there, it’s only got 34MB free! :frowning: which is a shame, as I wanted the latest OE to see if I can get my August DVB-T210 freeview dongle going :frowning:
Regards Kevin.


The device-tree= entry is going to break stuff, we are using the device tree, would appreciate a pull request to fix it…



Once i have worked out where this entry is coming from i will submit a PR



It would seem device_tree= is coming from the config.txt file located here, i cannot find any other reference to it anywhere else



Hi Mike,
Having got no feedback from anyone who might know, I’ve gone ahead and built rpiboot, got access to my internal flash, completely wiped the flash, manually installed the latest NOOBS, which re-partitioned the flash so that /storage is now 2.9GB, installed bloody, then installed your latest 15.1 phew…
Works very well thanks, haven’t yet found any problems.
I can’t find tvheadend in the repository, I’m assuming that’s because I’m now on 15.1, so I’ll have to wait for them to catch up. :frowning:
Thanks for all your hard work. :smile:
Let me know if you’d like me to test anything.
Regards, Kevin.


Could you check 2 things, 1st do your LED’s still work? 2nd in system info what is the CPU speed reported as?



Hi Mike,
I’m using Slice-Slice.arm-6.0-devel-20150824090611-r21269-g1d1bb63.tar that you put up 3 days ago, hoping it was your latest good load :smile:
Anyway, I get 1000MHz in the info screen which is correct and the LEDs are working fine, with your new patterns I believe. :slight_smile: The only problem I’m getting with the LEDs and it’s been doing this since I updated to any version of Kodi 15, not just yours; after booting up you get the continuous Slice led pattern, while it’s doing this I’m getting random flashes of LEDs during the pattern, sometimes a couple of LEDs some times all of them, random colours as well. After I do something to stop the continuous Slice pattern, I no longer get the flashes and it’s not the overclocking as it does it at the default clock rate, it also doesn’t always do it, maybe only half of the reboots.
Hope this is useful.
Regards Kevin.

PS. I like your new background picture :smile:


I am experiencing the same issue with the leds on boot, as yet I have not managed to work out why this is.
As for the new patterns and backgrounds I take no credit these are both changes committed by the ninjas’
I am trying to see if I can get hold of just a basic board that I can use for testing as the one I bought is being used by the wife and kids


Glad it’s not just me with the flashing; I mentioned it in the forum, but no one else commented, especially as I seem to have a couple of problems which no one else is seeing, like the real time clock loosing an hour at each boot, when it doesn’t have a network connection? (not always, but often), do you see that?
Is your latest build 20150824090611 the best to use?
what are the .img.gz files for? are they a better/easier way of updating?
Regards, Kevin.