Updated Slice Builds UNTESTED!


Hi Mike,
I’ve now got 20151005112904-r21436-gc18b03e and it’s doing it quite consistently. Two reboots, did it both times.
As an experiment I also set the FF and FR pattern going (white running line of LEDs) and I’m consistently getting a random green flash in the pattern on the left hand side, that’s in both forward and reverse cases.
Regards, Kevin.


are you just triggering the led pattern from ssh?


while true; do led_png /usr/share/kodi/media/ledpatterns/ffwd.png; sleep .5; done


Hi Mike,
I was doing it by running a film then just pressing the FF or FR button on the remote and leaving it running.
However using your line of code also does it as well, green flash from LED or LEDs on the left hand side of the box, it does it quite frequently, say once or twice every few seconds.
Regards, Kevin.



Any ideas why this could be happening?


Two videos attached.

Regards, Kevin.

New Stable / Nightly / Bloody build [Oct 19 2015]

This is likely to be a problem with the WS2812 bitstream output driver…

Basically what happens is:

You write a bunch of 0RGB values to /dev/ws2812

Each of these is then converted to a bit pattern for writing to the WS2812 devices through the PWM hardware using DMA.

My guess would be that something is going wrong either at the start or at the end of the sequence (the sequence must end with a final line of all zeros to turn off the LEDs otherwise they’ll stay on!)

Does it happen if you increase the sleep time?




On my dev Slice i dont have the issue, but seems Kevin does even running the same build as me

@Bleep, could you test running the command via ssh and see if you get the issue


Hi Mike,
The first of my videos, above, was done using your command line script.
'while true; do led_png /usr/share/kodi/media/ledpatterns/ffwd.png; sleep .1; done’
the second is of the boot up sequence, as you can see it’s doing a lot of random flashing.
Regards, Kevin.


Hi Mike,
As an extra test, to be sure it’s nothing that I could influence, I have now tried resetting all the CPU, Core, memory, etc. back to default, I also removed all USB devices, except the remote dongle and it still does it.
One observation, which may, or may not, help you, if I don’t get any flashing during the boot up sequence then it’ll always, be ok until another boot, when it may or may not start. So is there something like setting up control registers that happens during boot, that could be going astray, such that if they are set up ok, then it’s ok throughout, if not I get the flashing?
Regards, Kevin.



Can you include this build in NOOBS?
Or at least give a hint on how to achieve that?


All you need to do to install this download the tar file and copy it to the update folder on the slice



The lack of new builds is due to a slow down in the run up to OE6 being released, once that is our i will then start builds using Kodi 16 :smiley:



I knew that (from frequent RasPI KODI updates (Milhouse));
I meant a hint on how to include your build in NOOBS.


It cannot be done that way, NOOBS builds need to be uploaded to the updates.fiveninjas.com server…

Once Kodi 16 has been released our bloody build will move to the master branch



I have just uploaded a rough build of Kodi 16, at the moment LED’s are not working, also some skin issues with the Slice skin


Anyone know what’s happened to @MikeBuzz?? He appears to have gone AWOL, not replying to PMs and his Dropbox files link now brings up a 404 error code…


Hi, I am still around just been very busy with projects at work, new VMware environment to setup.

I will look at why the Dropbox link is no longer working it might be due to moving from personal account to business. At the moment all changes that where in my builds have now been pushed to stable so there should be no need for my builds, once have some free time will issue a new build that fixed iOS9 airplay issue


Well i now have some free time again, just starting a fresh build based on the latest FiveNinja build with the extras added to the OE build since it has been released, will upload once i have built and tested :slightly_smiling:


Jarvis or Krypton?

(I’d prefer Krypton of course :wink:)