Updated Slice Builds UNTESTED!


Its having 2 children both under 3 :frowning: i come here to get away from the madness


If you think your household is mad now, wait until they get to teenage - then a different kind of madness takes over!! :sweat_smile:



Hi Mike,
Kodi 15.2 rc 2 working fine.
Everything came back as it was, even all my TVheadend stuff, the timers, recordings, TV guide…
Everything else working as expected, Movies ok, Music ok, analogue audio, Pictures ok.
Like your new toy :wink:
Regards, Kevin.



No problem, since you’ve been doing so much to help me with the builds then we had to send you something a little special!

We were thinking of doing this as a shop order post Kickstarter… I don’t know if you’ve noticed but devSlice also has VESA mounting points… But first we need to get the Kickstarters done…



Yeah I did notice the mounting points, but think I would like to keep it on display as it look looks great, I posted a pic on the forums and a coupe of people said they would be interested. It could be a cheaper option than the full slice

I was thinking if mounted on the back of a tv could act a bit like ambilight

Today I have been trying to get berryboot to work, along with playing with building kodi-game which looks very promising if it works, would mean the slice would be a full entertainment system.

Thanks so very much for the Dev slice it’s a great looking bit of kit


Does it support a hard drive “out of the box”? Or much in the style of the Pibow case, does it need an extra layer as a spacer :grinning:

Seriously the laser cutting /etching looks rather cool, so I agree, Mike, better to keep it on display than hide it on the back of the telly.

And yes the LEDs could need some “attenuation” without the diffuser!

Of course I’ll have to buy the PCB too, as I would not want to ruin a perfect looking gunmetal Slice.


There is room for the harddisk, no extra layers needed


Perhaps some of the kickstrter backers still waiting for their slice would prefer a perspex version instead of the aluminium one? (Potentially a win-win?)


Hi Mike,
I’ve come across a problem with the latest builds, I’ve tried both.
Slice-Slice.arm-6.0-devel-20150925093249-r21374-g862955e.tar last 51.1 build.
Slice-Slice.arm-6.0-devel-20150923141806-r21370-ge2eef0b.tar 15.2 rc 2
and now gone back to
Slice-Slice.arm-6.0-devel-20150907112941-r21293-gac8cdc3.tar which works fine.
The problem is with the TV dongle, with the latest builds, if I try watching an HD channel, the picture will lock after 10 to 30 seconds of viewing, sometimes you can get out of it with the back button, sometimes I have to pull the power.
The older version 0907 works perfectly.
Regards, Kevin.


Would be good if you can get the logfiles, they are in the samba share logfiles


Hi Mike,
This is the latest log file that I could find.

If this turns out to be no good I can re install a more recent version and try to get the log file straight away after the problem happens.
Regards, Kevin.


I have just uploaded a new version, could you test with this


Hi Mike,
Still the same, though so far it hasn’t completely locked up the Slice, I can get away from the frozen HD program and try again, I have done this several times now. Log attached.

Regards, Kevin.


Ok this one should have the Slice locking up completely, requiring a power down.

Regards, Kevin.


Looks brilliant. SLICE has a lot of customisation potential which I’m sure 5Ninjas will possibly look into once they have fulfilled all outstanding orders.


Hi Kevin,

i have just uploaded a new build could you test that, also if you could turn debugging on with in Kodi



Hi Mike,
Hopefully you made a change that you thought might fix it, as it now seems to be fine.
I’ve had it showing HD channels for about half an hour and so far no problems.
Log attached, with Kodi logging turned on, in case it is if use.

Regards, Kevin.


Sweet, glad to hear that it now seems to be working a bit better, finger crossed that this was the root cause of the issue


I left it running, so it’s now been running fine for over 2 hours, I also started a recording of the programme @ the same time, which has completed fine as well. So looking good. I’ll keep this version running for a few days and let you know if I see any other problems.
Thanks very much for fixing so quickly :slight_smile:
Regards Kevin.