Updated Slice Builds UNTESTED!


Hi Mike, thank you very much, now working fine thanks :slight_smile:
So, Kodi 16 now fully operational as far as I am concerned.
Thanks to Gordon & your good self.
Regards Kevin.


I’m now on the Jarvis build from the nightly updates. The supplied remote seemed to stop working at first but after reseating the usb dongle its as solid as ever. The IR remote seems to have stopped working altogether though?


Hi @MikeBuzz
Unfortunately using the milhouse drivers only seems to work once, immediately after installing the new driver :frowning: The next time the Slice is rebooted, all is well, untill you try to view a TV program, when you get no picture and a popup saying TVHeadend HTSP Client No Signal. I have also tried some of his other drivers 7.0.2 & 7.0.3 all do the same :frowning:
Very strange that it’ll work just once then not again! Any ideas?
Regards, Kevin.


Hi @Gordon,
I’ve been experiencing some problems with Jarvis.
On several occasions during boot up the Slice has frozen, usually while it’s on the boot screen with "Slice (community) Version:… in the top left of the screen, only way out is to pull the power.
In the add-on repository menu, I have OpenELEC Add-ons(unofficial), which works fine in 15.2, but says it’s unavalable on 16.0b.
Because of these and my ongoing problems with TVHeadend, I tried to go back to Stable, using Noobs (recovery), this got me in a boot loop, where it would show the Kodi 15.2 start screen, just get to the menu screen, then go back to the Kodi start screen etc… again I had to pull the power.
The only way I have found out of this is to use recovery to go back to 16.0b then restore my setting from 15.2, then while it reboots, use recovery again to install 15.2. This got me back to a working stable 15.2, with a fully working TVHead end :slightly_smiling:

As a side note, during boot up of 15.2 and previous, there was a splash screen showing SLICE and the logos of Kodi, OpenElec and Pi, this is missing from 16.0b


Yeah I’ve also seen it freeze a couple of times on boot, I’ve also had it output a load of text (but i cant remember what it was complaining about now ). Seems to have settled down now for me now though.


OK, I think there’s a bug in the eMMC driver in the upstream Linux release, I’m going to back that out of the nightly build and see if it improves tonight… Don’t think it should effect Stable but will check


Let me see, i am just builing a new version with rc3 of Jarvis, will let you know once done


OpenELEC Add-ons(unofficial) this seems to be in the process of being changes to OpenELEC Add-ons(community) will see if there is anyway to get it working


I have just uploaded a new version and tvheadend would you be able to test with that?


Hi Mike,
Yes, where is it?


Use the latest by date :slightly_smiling:


Hi Mike,
I’ve tried to install it, but I’m getting the “checking size: FAILED” error.
Do I have to firstly install nightly, then your tar file, or how do I get round it?
Regards, Kevin.


Yeah go to nightly first, OE has changed the size of the /flash partition


Hi Mike,
Only difference so far is that I haven’t had it lock up during a reboot, otherwise everything else is the same.
TVHeadend 7.0.0 all seems to work except that there is no picture and it pops up “TVHeadend HTSP Client No Signal” this is using both the 7.0.0 in your dropbox and the Millhouse one.
I also still get “could not connect to repository” when trying to use the OpenElec Add-ons(unofficial), there isn’t (yet) one there called “(community)”.
Regards, Kevin.


6.0.2 has been released just building it now, will uploaded to dropbox once done


6.0.3 Has now been released


Well there will be some changes ahead, most of the developers behind OpenELEC have left the project and setup their own, this will now be the base of any future Slice builds released my myself, i am in the process of moving over to LibreELEC at the moment and hope to have the 1st build later this week



OpenELEC has released 7.0 beta.

@MikeBuzz I’ll be more than happy to give your LibreELEC builds a whirl on my spare Pi 2 and share feedback.


can you clarify this a bit please. Why devs left? What is future of Open/Libre/Other forks like? How you see it and what you expect about further development of it. Thanks


This does not really affect Slice, as they have forked OE. As for reasons why some have left OE is best to read www.libreelec.tv for more info. I have build a version based on LibreELEC just working in a few little issues that the new build has