Updated Slice Builds UNTESTED!


You can get a test version from LibreELEC.tv of course at the moment this does not have the Slice skin


i have just uploaded a full working copy of SliceOS based on LibreELEC, LED’s now working thanks to @Gordon


Also note, current nightly is at the same position


The latest builds i have uploaded are proving to be very stable, most of the branding has been migrated from OE to LE, Soon LE will fork LE7 when this happens i will also release a SliceOS7 build based on this, the the DEV builds will move to Kodi 17


Hi Mike,
I’m going to test out your builds, see if I can get TVHeadend working now.
I’m assuming that if/when a CM3 is available, we’ll have to use Jarvis or later to make use of the h265 HEVC improvements? so I might as well try to keep everything working and up to date.
Question, there seems to be a slice.arm and a slice2.arm build in your DEV dropbox :wink: which should I use?
Regards, Kevin.


Morning Kevin

Yeah h265 is in Jarvis, tested on RPi3 and works well.

slice2 is a work in progress working on the RPi3 which hopefully should also work on the CM3, once its out, maybe a firmware update will be needed but thats simple to do.

for the current Slice-Slice.arm

at the moment i am just look at adding the extra themes people have created and also updating the font to fix the issue with non English characters


Good afternoon to you Mike :slight_smile:
Ok, all done and all working well. To be fair, it was also working well with the standard nightly Slice build from Gordon, :slight_smile: Which I had to install first to get the partition sizes set correctly.
One question. I currently only use the OMXPlayer acceleration, I do this because with audio set to ALSA and video set to OMXPlayer, when I play a video file sound comes through the HDMI, but when I play an audio file (mp3, wma…) the sound comes through the 3.5 analogue output, which is great as I don’t have to have the TV on to play only music.
However if I use MMAL and set sound to ALSA, all sound comes through the analogue, or if I use MMAL and set sound to HDMI all sound comes through HDMI. Is the MMAL player ever likely to be ‘modified’ so that sound workes in a similar way to the way OMXPlayer works, ie. video sound to HDMI, audio file sound to analogue; or is there a way round this? sound out of both maybe? because as I understand it only MMAL will ever have the functionality to decode h265 (HEVC).
Thanks for all your help. Kevin.


Yes I to have tested the latest Milhouse Kodi 17 #0404 on both a Pi2 and Pi3 and it works very well with h265 HEVC, both 720p and 1080p, it seems to me that as long as they are encoded at half rate, they almost entirely play well, almost no dropped frames, I’m sure there are exceptions and hopefully more improvements will be comming along, because all 4 CPUs are being worked hard, not leaving much spare capacity, but so far it’s looking very good. :slight_smile: thanks to Popcornmix, Milhouse, et al. :smile:
I’ve even installed Kodi 17 on a standard Raspbian build and even that works well, so all round a good result.
Regards, Kevin.


New link for the latest versions


Thanks for the new link Mike.
Any ideas on my query about audio output, three comments up? or is that one I should aim @Gordon?


Am trying to find out now, leave it to me


Quick question, if you have both OMX and MMAL enabled what is the behaviour


if selection OMX and playing audio is it coming out both HDMI and 3.5? would test but dont have my system to hand at the moment


Hi Mike,
Just checked to be sure.
If I have both OMXPlayer and MMAL enabled then setting audio to ALSA makes all sound come from the analogue jack only. Setting audio to HDMI make all sound come from the TV only.
There is never a case where you can get sound through both, so if I only have OMXPlayer enabled and sound set to ALSA, I only get video sound through the TV (sound over HDMI) and I only get audio file (mp3 etc) sound through the analogue socket.
Regards, Kevin.


That explains it

“MMAL will always output where you tell it. OMXPlayer doesn’t support ALSA at all, so falls back to HDMI output if it is selected”

so what you are seeing is really a bit of a bug, and not how its meant to work


Hi Mike,
Oh bugger, that’s a real shame, because, presumably you don’t want audio only music files to play through your TV do you? I don’t, I want them from the ‘Hi quality’ analogue output straight to my HiFi and similarly I don’t want the sound for a video I’m playing to come from my HiFi, I want that to come through the TV, though in my case through external TV speakers (PC Speakers in fact). :slight_smile:
Oh well mumble mumble… wonder if there is a hdmi splitter cable that allows an analoge take off, though that completly negates the ‘Hi quality’ analoge output from the Slice…
Regards Kevin.


not sure if this might work



Hi Kevin, I agree. I am now using my Slice for video as well as music (originally music only).

The errr… bug is an excellent feature and really should be preserved.

Mike: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=201896&page=6 post no. 80 suggests that it may be having a problem with Jarvis, hope it gets fixed in case the feature we are discussing is “removed”.

I do rather like the “automated” way that sound gets routed as is. Neat and tidy!


Hi Mike,
Hmm… that looks promising, I’ll give it a go. I did find a HMDI to HDMI & audio box, they are about £20, so would be possible to do in hardware.
If it works I’ll do a write up on setting it up for Slice. :slight_smile:
Regards, Kevin.


I looked at my RPi3 last night and it has the option to output to both HDMI and Analogue, wonder if this could be made to work on the Slice