Updated Slice Builds UNTESTED!


That would be nice, if you can.
I’ve downloaded the script you mentioned above and am about to try it to see if it works on Jarvis, I’ll let you know.
Regards, Kevin.


Hi Mike, thanks again :smile:
The script you pointed me at:-
works perfectly on Kodi16 Jarvis. The instructions he gives in the thread are fine, I can’t really improve on them.
You have to go through a set up for playing music files and then video files, but once done, it automatically selects the audio output you have defined when playing either audio or video files.
In my case I’ve set it to do ALSA analogue audio for music (mp3, wma etc…) and HDMI for video files, works great, even when controlling Kodi using Kodi remote, without having the TV turned on, for music.
Your a star.
Regards, Kevin.


Unfortunately the output to HDMI and Analogue is not possible on Slice (or at least not in the same way) on the Pi the audio output is handled by the GPU (which also handles the HDMI) so it does the resampling to send to both HDMI and analogue. So to fix that here would be something that would need to change in the way that the audio is resampled and sent to ALSA which is very much deep linux / Kodi stuff



So as I understand the thread comments here, the “undocumented feature” is actually rather useful and as Kevin says nice to have music through the HiFi and video through the TV. It does it automagically if you de-select MMAL

The add-on linked above will not work with the Slice if I understand Gordon correctly.

Therefore to keep the feature, please can you developer chappies avoid fixing the “bug” or requesting others to fix it. :slight_smile:

For me it is great and what I have been looking for since I started using the Slice for video as well as music.

If it has to be fixed or is broken by other means, can the “undocumented feature” be added as a real feature so we can have an easy way to select hifi or video sound automatically?




as @Bleep posted above that script works fine with the slice, what @Gordon is speaking about is that the RPi can output to both HDMI and analogue at the same time, this is something the slice cannot do, but using the script i linked to gives you what @Bleep was requiring that Music used analogue and Movies use HDMI



Thanks for clarification Mike, all makes sense. I will give the plug-in a go.

Anyway don’t break the “undocumented feature” :grin:



I have just uploaded Beta 1 of SliceOS7 based on the LibreELEC7 Beta 1 release

This has Jarvis 16.1 rc2

Any issues let me know


Also officially available as bloody build, will push to nightly after some testing


As LE has now branched Jarvis 16.1, the dev versions will move on to Krypton 17, and just doing a 1st build now :slight_smile:


@ Mike,
Great, I am playing around with 17.0 on my PC and it’s very promising. The new Estuary skin is great. Will Slice be supporting this skin (eventually) certainly with a Pi3 board it will be powerful enough to support all possibilties of Kodi compared to the Slice skin. It would be nice to have the same UI/skin on the various platforms I use.


I have uploaded a version of SliceOS thats based on Kodi 17, so far all looks good. this at the moment only comes with the new Estuary Skin



I’ve tried with NOOBS both bloody and nightly but both are still on 16.x. Versions are from 15 resp. 5 april if I remember correctly. Should I have installed it in another way?


you can upgrade using the standard openelec method


basically download the tar file, drag to the update folder, reboot, job done

i am just uploaded Beta 2, should be in the Beta folder soon


I have downloaded the file from the beta section of your dropbox: slice-slice.arm 6.95.2.tar and copied it to the update folder. Copying and updating like that is real easy. I would advise everybody to use that way of updating.
But (there is always one) it still shows the Confluence skin and not the Estuary. Did I download the wrong file?


If you want to try Estuary you need to use the version in the Dev folder :slight_smile:


OK, thanks it worked. But too slow on a Slice. Back to 16 and hoping the Pi 3 board comes quickly.


LibreELEC 7 has been released, i am just building based on this the SliceOS7. it should be uploaded in the next few hours

This will be using Kodi 16.1


Interesting as this one is actually updatable from within the OpenElec update for nightly builds. Download and installed and working perfect so far. Update was painless as well.


@MikeBuzz did you ever get BerryBoot working on a slice (inc USB and Ethernet)? If so do you know if it works on a CM3?




It’s should work with the correct dts file, I had the cm1 version kinda working but gave up as didn’t have the time to play with it