Uploading a photo problem


I am struggling to upload a photo into the forum, it keeps telling me I can’t as I am a “new user”.
I suspect we are all new to this forum! :smile:


Hmm strange it let’s me but then I have cia level clearance. I’ll ask the support guys.


Hi Keith - so check this out


This explains what new users can and can’t do - it seems you are already level 1 so you should be able to upload images? Try again.



Mo, I can upload photos now (and just have), I can’t however open your link telling me what I can and can’t do - rather ironically :smile:
I don’t have access.


haha. indeed. Let me see if I can find that elsewhere.


I cant open the link either.


@Mo I found the link explaining the trust levels and permissions etc


That’s the one! It’s useful info.