Upodated to libreelec 8.0.1 and CM3 and RF slice remote has stopped working


I know the remote works still becuase on my windows PC the remote and Rf dongle work ok.

I loaded the pure Slice CM3 build not the noobs build?

Anyone got any ideas/?


I switched to one of the cheap keyboards mentioned here before and never looked back


I gave up on it when I was using the CM1, when I upgraded to the CM3 I thought I would give it another go. It started off well, but quickly stopped working and I’m pretty sure the video performance was affected by it to.

I don’t use it at all now (I’ve unplugged the dongle from slice), video seems solid now and I rely on the IR or andriod app. a cheap RF keyboard as mentioned above is another good choice which I borrowed for a short while.


I disregarded the Slice remote years ago ( is that even possible?) Use the Rii i8 mini plus now and use the older Rii for my pi2, which I use just for music on my headphones. These keyboards have incredible value for money. Just 25,00 euro ( in the Netherlands) The red version goes nicely with my reddish Slice so I don’t get confused which one to pick up.


my hardware is dead, dongle works 9/10 in the single usb port and 1/10 in the double usb port.