Using Slice as a powered external HD


Hi all,

Apologies if this is in the wrong section as it’s not directly a Slice-hack per se, but I’ve just bought a Raspberry Pi 3 to test as a Plex Media Server for a separate project and as all my media is on my Slice I’m wondering if I’m able to use it as a powered USB HD with the Pi 3.

Ultimately I guess my question is once Slice is powered is it a self-sufficient unit where the in-built compute module boots and solely takes data from the HD only, or would I still be able to access the HD via USB to a separate Pi 3 as if it were a standalone external powered HD?

As you can probably tell I’m very new to the programming side of things so thanks in advance to anyone who can advise!



You can plug Slice into a Raspberry Pi but you’ll need to power it from somewhere other than the Pi. The hard drive does take quite a bit of power and you can’t plug in the DC jack as well (otherwise it’ll not be a mass storage device)

This means that you cannot use it as a source of data for the Pi 3 and also still be a media server.

But since the Slice is on your network then you should be able to access the disc over the network instead.



Hi Gordon,

Thanks for the quick response.

I wouldn’t be looking at using Slice & the Pi concurrently for media, just wondering if the Slice powered up would mean data transfer/HD access via USB was possible, or if such data transfer was only possible via an un-powered Slice which was bus-powered from a laptop, for example, which as you say the Pi couldn’t manage.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ll experiment with accessing it over the network and potentially temporarily removing the Slice HD to use with the Pi 3 to see whether using the Pi with a dedicated HD is the way to go for that set-up.