What to do with the "old" CM1?


We have all been tempted with the CM3 upgrade, I’m sure.

So when that day comes, what do we do with the “old” CM1?

Is there a REALLY bare version of the Lite Slice, that we can recycle the CM1 into?

Any further ideas, drop them below…


great idea ! but I doubt it will happen


Well there is the Slice Lite kit which is currently available at Pimeroni

Currently of course that comes with the compute module, but I think there’s no reason we couldn’t sell the board without the CM if you were sure…


That would be great Gordon.
Perhaps bundle a Slice board (as per the slice light) with the CM3 as a package.
That could be paid for now and all shipped together when the CM3 is available.
That would also help out with the cashflow to go towards the large order required for the bulk purchase of CM3s?



good idea, but not for me. I already have slice lite (aka naked slice) and it came with a CM1!! So I will end up with two CM1s up for grabs :cry:



So you now need to buy 2 further completely naked Slices :grinning:

Or I saw a “super computer” made from stacking CM1s.
Maybe we should all join up to make the next HAL (“Hello Dave”!)


Should we consider option(s) that in some way donates CM1 boards back into schools etc??


My understanding is that the CM1 (and CM3) board are intended for use in products for consumers, i.e. the smart Computer Module that could be plugged into a designers board that would form the thinking bit in the total product, such as the Slice!
I’m not sure such a board exists for school/educational use?

What was the outcome of the discussion at Pimoroni for Slice Light kit without the CM1, Gordon?


We could definitely sell the Slice Lite kit without the CM1, but we’ll just have to wait for CM3 to be released


Cool, put me down for a Slice Super-Lite kit with CM3 bundle!
Again the offer of pre-pay still stands for the package.
Thank you Gordon


If we all club together we could build a few of these!


would definitely do this. Slice Lite with no CM and a CM3 for existing slice. I’d preorder this package


Yesterday I was exploring kickstarter and found this:

It sounds like a good solution to my non used CM1 laying around.
What do you think? Is it worth?



I don’t think so. I would rather have a model A+. The “avoid SD card issues” statement is not really valid these days, given that earlier SD card issues seem to have been resolved and you can boot from different media quite easily.

The A+ costs about GBP20 or Euro 24 from a UK supplier (as an example).

With a CM3 it may be a better case, performance wise. That does not help the re-use of the CM (I have two of them).

It is another way of getting a different form factor and a non-SD card solution which is cheaper than the CM / CM3 dev kits. But no display or camera support either.

Just my view


I don’t say it’s worth as a new system, there are great sd cards these days, I just don’t want that my CM1 (the original who Slice came with) continues collecting dust in a closet.
(Thats the reason I posted this here and didn’t start a new topic)
Why did you say that it “does not help the re-use of the CM”?



just becasue of value for money / performance. why spend 20 euro on an adapter card which may or may not be compatible with addons / hats etc when you can have an A+ for about 23 euro. However, if your use case does not need any “missing or unsupported” features, then no reason why not as it is reusing hardware and therefore a “green” option :slight_smile: