Which protective cases?


I know there’s been some discussion about travel cases, so I wondered if it would be worth starting a new thread about suitable potentials that people have found.

I’ve been looking at the small Go Pro cases, the dimensions are looking like a good fit and I’m sure the interior can be “adapted”, but I’m going to wait until I get my Slice (soon :slight_smile: ) before making a decision.

Anyone else come across anything?


I often use a Jiffy bag? :wink:


Jiffy bag sounds just perfect to me, I’ve even got a bubble wrap bag roughly the right size :wink: Alternatively if you really want to go upmarket, Pound land/shop sells neoprene slip cases of varying sizes, for… £1
I buy the largest ones just for a cheap source of neoprene! Then you can customise your own padded cases for mobiles, tablets, portable disks, Slices etc…


I am struggling to come across the dimensions of Slice, could someone point me in the right direct. I even checked the 5Ninjas shop but no mention on it there.


The V2 case should be 10.6cm x 13cm x 3.2cm.

That’s according to a Kickstarter update on 1 September.

Cases for Slice

Yup that sounds correct!


This is the one I ended up with -

I took out the foam inserts that came with it and used the one from the original Slice packaging. The leads fit nicely into the zipped pocket in the lid.

I’m just waiting to see whether I suffer from “flat battery syndrome” given the position of the remote control :grimacing:


That is so cool! :smiley: I added a case to my shopping basket at Amazon …


just remove the battery before :wink:


Did the remote come with a plastic tab for you to remove when you first got it? You could always use something like that to break the contact of the battery! :wink:


@Frank @TechieBloke - both good ideas, thanks!


I’m known for keeping hold of boxes my electronics arrive in, but trying to be tidy now. Wish I has seen this post earlier.
Great idea with the foam inserts.